Curocell Optimal 5Zon Mattress

Curocell Optimal 5Zon Mattress




• Outstanding static mattress with double layer anti-shear construction and inbuilt seat function 
• Mattress is suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including grade 2 
• Excellent pressure equalisation and is equipped with our unique seat function 
• The seat function is designed to give support when sitting and is comfortable in the reclined position 
• Dual layers of mattress greatly reduce shear and friction forces when used on a profiling bed. 
• Modular foam has five zones to optimise pressure reduction and support 
• Machine washable cover to 95°C and tumble dry


• Safe working load of 0-150kg
• Mattress Height: 190mm


Curocell Optimal 5Zon Mattress