Curocell Optimal 5Zon Plus Mattress

Curocell Optimal 5Zon Plus Mattress




• The Optimal 5Zon Plus is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to category 1(1), and is ideal for all healthcare environments.
• It is a mattress replacement that has been specially designed for bariatric use.
• It is equipped with our unique sit function, which provides assistance and relief when seated, as well as very good comfort in a lying position. In addition, the it is also beneficial when using a sliding board or other relocation aids.
• Optimal 5Zon Plus is delivered with a soft, elastic hygienic cover that is vapour permeable(2), which reduces the risk of skin maceration.
• It is a durable cover, which is easy to clean and with a very well documented hygienic standard(3).
• The cover is equipped with a divisible, drip shield zip and functional handles for simple transportation of the mattress.
• Optimal 5Zon Plus is produced from modern, recyclable materials and meets health care requirements for hygiene, quality and safety.


• Safe Working Load: 300kg


Curocell Optimal 5Zon Plus Mattress