• Replaces wheelchair back upholstery
• Designed for the client who has a fixed kyphotic posture
• Built-in lateral contour in the ABS plastic shell supports the soft-segmented foam insert
• Provides mild to moderate lateral support, which promotes lateral stability, upper extremity function and increased sitting tolerance
• Provides excellent posterior pelvis stabilisation and posterior thoracic support
• Adjustable height and angle ( up to 39°)
• Accommodates hyper-extended neck to allow increased visual orientation and improved swallowing 
• Foam wedges provide the opportunity for a more customised fit

PB 2401
• Dimensions: 450 x 430mm
• To suit wheelchair size:400mm
• Max user weight: 113kg

PB 2402
• Dimensions: 500 x 480mm
• To suit wheelchair size: 460mm
• Max user weight: 113kg