Handy Bar - Car transfer

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The Handybar is a portable handle which helps users get in and out of their car safely. 

The Handybar utilises the U-shaped striker plate on car door frames to create an easy, strong support arm. By simply inserting the Handy bar into this strong hold the user has a leverage point that will offer them stability and reduce the amount of exertion as well as the risk of injury. 

 The Handybar is also designed to be utilised during emergency situations. Should there be a need to, the user can cut their seatbelt off using the Handybar’s cutting functionality; similarly the Handybar can be used to break a side window if the user cannot get out of the car using the doors.
• Handle Width: 210mm
• Handle Length: 40mm
• Weight: 320g

• Provides a safe and supportive handhold for transfers in and out of the car 
• Fits securely to cars via the U-shaped striker plate on vehicle door frame 
• Contoured handle provides secure grip 
• Convenient size and weight 
• In-built seat belt cutter and glass breaker for use in emergencies