Sentida 7-i Bed

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The Sentida 7- Bed is a high-tech universal low nursing bed with a focus on fall prevention, decubitus prophylaxis and mobilisation.


    Weight monitoring - Fully automatic weight measurement facilities documentation. Weekly and monthly overview for medical purposes.
    Bed exit assistant - Early-warning mode for fast response times, flexible nurse call timing and connected night light.
    Safety sensor - Bed height assistant to help prevent falls from dangerous heights. Side guard assistant for full resident protection.
    Self mobilisation with Mobi-Lift - Extendable Mobi handle with integrated height adjustment. Intelligent light concept helps the resident get to the bathroom at night.
    Humidity assistant - Well suited for residents with light incontinence and for improved continence and dignity of the resident.

    Safe Working Load: 250kg
    Max. Patient Weight: 215kg
    Outer Dimensions: 2080 x 1060mm