Medium Flexibelt Hug Romedic Walking Transfer Belt

SKU: LX-1610-N

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  • FlexiBelt Hug is a new version of the original FlexiBelt.
  • It features a new, patented design with horizontal handles that slide freely in loops to make the belt “hug” on to the user instead of sliding up during transfer           situations.
  • With this design, the caregiver can provide even more support without using more effort.
  • The belt actually does all the work by itself.
  • FlexiBelt Hug also features a new, woven label, with instructions for use, placed easily available on the lip used to tighten the belt.
  • A new size colour coding on the control loop further simplifies size identification. 

• Handles include static + movable. 
• Dimensions: 70cm - 120cm