Bariatric Configura Recliner. Tilt-in-Space 16"

SKU: CL-4586-N

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Configura Bariatric Chair, Duratek fabric. Tilt-in-Space 16". Unless otherwise stated, this chair is supplied with a Visco cushion and a Multi-Adjustable Pillow Backrest.


• Breathable, wipeable fabric on seat base and backrest. 
• Interchangeable armrests with 3 different widths. 
• Supportive armrests for easy transfers. 
• Configura Bariatric’s Dual Motor operation allows independent adjustment of the legrest elevation and backrest recline. Configura Rise & Recline is appropriate for: 
• Non-ambulant users 
• Bariatric users 
• Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users 
• Moderate postural requirements 
• Users at risk of pressure damage 
• Users with neurological conditions 
• Users with a kyphosis 
• Users with oedemas legs and/or fluid build-up

• 2 Motor
• Tilt-in-Space
• SWL: 254Kg
• 102Kg stone weight capacity on legrest.