Doidy Drinking Cup

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• Unique slanted rimmed cup
• Adjustable handles easy to hold
• Slanted design allows user to see what they are drinking without having to move their head upwards or downwards
• Easy to place on a table or flat surface
• Curved rim of the cup allows user to open and shut mouth to control flow of liquid
• Dishwasher and freezer safe
• BPA free
• Slanted design allows individuals with dysphagia to keep their chins close to their chest, encouraging better swallowing mechanisms
• Curved rim design directs liquids to the center of the mouth, helping to prevent liquid escaping at the lips
• Bright colours, especially red, encourage persons with Alzheimer’s to drink up to 84% more liquid due to high contrasting colours
• Two open adjustable handles make cup holding easier
• Contents are visible for user and caregiver, making it safe and easy for caregivers to give liquids and control the flow and amount given
• No forward or downward head movement is needed, due to the sloping design