DolphinCare Integrated Bed System

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  • Prevents and treats wounds by simulating immersion of the patient in a fluid medium
  • Minimizes soft tissue deformation and maintains near normal blood flow
  • Automatically adjusts to each patient’s weight, surface area and repositioning
  • FIS therapy spans the entire therapy surface of DolphinCare, limiting potential for pressure gradients due to edge effects 
  • UltraWide 42” expanded width reduces fall risk by up to 37% as compared to 35” wide beds
  • Comfort Chair functionality improves comfort, relaxation, circulation and enables a patient to sit without transferring to a chair 
  • Gravity-Assist enables easier and safer patient repositioning
  • Auto-Transfer automatically positions the bed at the optimum egress height

• The DolphinCare™ Integrated Bed System incorporates the gold standard of care for complex wounds with the safety, reliability and adaptability of the UltraCare® XT bed frame.
• Designed to automatically redistribute pressure by simulating the effects of a body immersed in a fluid medium, DolphinCare’s Fluid Immersion Simulation® (FIS®) delivers minimal tissue deformation and near normal blood flow, which lead to improved tissue perfusion and wound healing. 
• Meanwhile, DolphinCare’s strong and innovative frame reduces injury risk to both patients and caregivers, and can be easily transformed to fit any configuration or room style. 
• This all-encompassing wound care solution is simple and easy to use, yet achieves unparalleled wound care outcomes, reduces the risk of injury, and helps promote early patient mobility.

 12 hour battery life allows for active therapy, even during patient transport
 Automatically adjusts to each patient’s weight, surface area and repositioning

Clinical Indications:
 The Fluid Immersion Simulation technology of the Dolphin System reduces soft tissue distortion and promotes blood flow, creating a platform that is highly effective for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers through Stage IV, as well as treating patients with post-operative flaps and grafts.

  • • Mobility Selection: Roll-at-any-height
  • • Low Height: 18cm
  • • High Height: 76cm
  • • Bed Length: 203cm
  • • Width Options: 89cm, 106cm
  • • Safe Working Load: 227kg
  • • Underbed Clearance: 60cm
  • • Maximum Back Angle: 65°

IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 CE