Easy Reacher

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• Assists in reaching and retrieving a wide variety of household items
• Ideal for those who have difficulty bending or reaching
• Ergonomic full trigger handle requires minimal finger extension
• Ideal for those with weak grip
• Twin gripping jaws are rubber lined for an excellent controlled grip
• Swivel head allows objects to be picked up from a variety of angles
• Features magnet on head for the retrieval of pins and other small metal objects
• Supplied with plastic clip to attach the reacher to walking frame or stick

EE 1934
• Type: Short• Length: 350mm
• Weight: 155g

EE 1942
• Type: Std• Length: 610mm
• Weight: 190g

EE 1950
• Type: Long• Length: 760mm
• Weight: 205g

EE 1958
• Type: Extra Long• Length: 900mm
• Weight: 220g