Ceiling Hoist - Voyager Portable

SKU: LC-8000

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• The Voyager Portable is one of the lightest units available today
• The easy grip handle and rubber feet make it easy to carry and set down anywhere
• Voyager will accommodate most patients with its high lift capacity and it’s rechargeable battery can perform up to 30 lifts
• Should more power be required, the removable battery can be replaced with a fresh one simply at the press of a button, ensuring the hoist is always ready when required
• Unique quick release system saves time and battery power. Before and after lifting, the strap can be quickly adjusted in or out by moving the quick release lock mechanism to obtain the required length, then simply releasing it to automatically relock
• Dual controls plus the optional hand control ensure easy operation for the caregivers and safety features like the emergency brake and manual lowering, provide peace of mind for both patient and caregiver
• Material ABS and Aluminium .

• Unit Weight: 5.5kg (without battery 4.3kg)
• Weight Capacity: 200kg
• Lifting Height: 2000mm
• Width: 445mm
• Height: 285mm
• Length: 145mm
• Length: 240mm
• Battery: 24 V (2 x 12 V) 2.3 AH