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Progenics Glove Proflex Powder Free White Large

SKU: IB-2028
Recent Studies show gloves dispensed from Bastion Progenics™ system have 92.5% less bacterial contamination than traditionally dispensed gloves and with zero waste can reduce costs by up to 20% 

Description Progenics™ System Features Examination gloves Gloves are dispensed cuff first reducing the risk of contamination by not touching the finger and palm areas of the glove 
Fast and easy to use 
Cost effective due to reduced waste as gloves are dispensed individually 
Unused gloves cannot be reinserted into the box further reducing cross contamination 
The acrylic wall mounted dispenser bracket keeps gloves away from contaminated surfaces and boxes are easily removed and replaced 
Brackets are supplied in kits with screw fixings, double sided tape and mounting instructions. 

Proflex™ Gloves Examination gloves 
Unique blend of Nitrile and Vinyl Latex free DOP & DEHP free 

Superior fit and strength Softer, more flexible and greater sensitivity than Nitrile or Vinyl Performance similar to Latex 

Micro textured for excellent wet or dry grip Cheaper than Latex and Nitrile Blue glove provides easy identification in food production HACCP certified Technical data sheets available
Test Results

Watertight Test G1
Major Defects G1
Dimensions S2
Physical Properties S2