JAY Fusion with Cryo® Fluid Technology Wheelchair Cushion

SKU: XC-0004
Introducing a revolutionary technology designed to keep you cooler. The Cryo Fluid technology is a fluid option available for the JAY Fusion wheelchair cushion that excels at reducing the risk of pressure injuries. The patented Cryo Fluid provides more options for skin protection. It actively cools the seated skin surface for up to 8 hours (internal testing data at 25° C) while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture.
Width: 40 cm - 60 cm
Height: 8.5 cm
Depth: 38 cm - 60 cm
Total Weight: 3 kg (40 x 46 cm with Cryo Fluid)
Maximum User Weight: 150 kg (40 cm – 50 cm widths); 225 kg (56 cm – 60 cm widths)
Cover Type: Incontinent, Microclimatic and Stretch
Cushion Type: Cryo Fluid