Keyboard - Wireless with Touch Pad

SKU: VV-340P

Available to order


• 82 keys with excellent tactile key feeling, same as a standard keyboard
• Touchpad is specially tuned to have excellent movement under the silicon skin
• Complies with IP68 (sealed version)
• Made with durable silicon rubber.
• Key legends are covered by silicon coating, allowing for most efficient cleaning and disinfection (“sanitization”) by spraying and/or wiping.
• With mounting holes at the bottom housing to fit Medical Carts
• Durable cable relief strain design (can have optional spring coiled cable, supporting 15KG pulling force)
• Size: 282mm x 206mm x 22mm Special Hot Keys:
• With a hot key for the switching between USB and PS/2 interface
• With a hot key for powering off the keyboard while cleaning the keyboard, no need to power off the PC or unplug the cable