Oska Alto - Series 3, V4 - Complete Alternating Air Mattress, Single Size

The Oska Alto mattress is a pressure relief system and helps aid the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 4. The outer cover of the mattress is made from bi-elastic polyester coating which is a vapor-permeable material and has elastic properties, allowing for interface movement to help lower the risk of shear damage. 

The fully digital, “easy to use” pump clearly displays weight and alternating cycle settings. The pump also includes an anti-deflation power cut mode, this ensures that the patient remains comfortable during an unexpected power failure. The extremely quiet pump is appreciated by all. 

The upper cell section provides alternating dynamic pressure therapy whilst the lower cell section remains static. 

900mm x 2030mm x 200mm
175kg safe working load (SWL)

IEC/EN 60601-1-11: 2015