• Posey Wireless Transmitter

Posey Wireless Transmitter

RECOMMENDED USE: Alerts staff to attempted bed, chair or toilet seat exits by high fall risk patients. Simple to operate and pairs any Posey sensor pad to a Posey Sitter Elite® (8345) or Posey KeepSafe® Deluxe® (8374) via a Wireless Receiver.

Transmitter speaks wirelessly to a Wireless Receiver connected to the Posey Alarm system, ensuring the Alarm can stay in place in a central location at all times
When the alarm is mounted in a central location, Transmitter can be paired with sensors located within a range of up to 20 feet. No need to move the alarm when monitoring in multiple locations, such as the bed, chair, toilet or commode
Wireless technology eliminates the cord between the alarm and the sensor, helping reduce in-room trip hazards and allowing placement of alarm virtually anywhere in the room
Units can be paired and unpaired with any sensor in the room with the touch of a button
3-color LED Indication
2-AA batteries provide up to 60 days of normal use
Compatible with all Posey sensors
Mounting bracket included
Alarm Unit and Wireless Receiver Not Included and Sold Separately

Control unit, 2 "AA" batteries, mounting bracket