Protective Hat with Pads

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Posey Protective Caps provide the newest design for fall protection and impact protection that they have D30 foam integrated into the design which has been tested to have a high level of impact absorption. It remains soft and flexible until it is impacted by another object, then it locks into a solid shape to form a protective layer. These caps have been shown to provide 39% average impact reduction from a drop height of 80cm (about 30") which can greatly reduce injuries from patient falls, sports falls or hits or workplace impacts. These hats can be used in conjunction with other protective gear to maximize protection.

Protective Caps for Care Facilities
• Posey Protective Caps are also useful in care facilities where there is risk that the patient may fall and injure their heads. For patients who are already hospitalized, another head injury will make their recovery more difficult. 
• These Fall Protection Caps can greatly reduce the chances of a patient sustaining such an injury and holding the hospital or care facility liable. This Brochure gives an in depth look at the benefits of Posey Protective Caps.

Features of Posey Protective Caps
• Three different styles to accommodate a variety of patients
• Unique design allows for more discreet look preserving patient/resident dignity
• Inner lining in caps prevents heat buildup and increases compliance
• Lightweight design in 3 sizes to fit a wide population
• Machine washable

Design Options:
• Navy Blue Cap - Pictured
• Red Hat
• Gray Hat

• Small: Head Circumference of 53.3 cm 
• Medium: Head Circumference of 57.2 cm 
• Large: Head Circumference of 61.0 cm