Twice-as-Tough® Connected Cuffs for Bed

• Designed for agitated/combative patients to prevent the disruption of IV's, catheters, lines etc
• Neoprene Cuffs protect patient’s skin
• Connected T-A-T ankle (red) and wrist (blue) restraint cuffs for a bed or stretcher
• Designed to be left in place until ready for use. Ankle cuffs may also be used on larger wrists
• Connecting straps lock to the bed. Two universal keys included
• Machine washable

RW 3528
• Style: Ankle
• Cuff Dimensions: 60 x 370mm
• Strap Length: 810mm

• Style: Wrist
• Cuff Dimensions: 60 x 300mm
• Strap Length: 810mm