Cuffs - Synthetic Leather

SKU: RW-3706
• Ankle and wrist restraint cuffs made of strong synthetic leather
• Designed for agitated/combative patients to prevent the disruption of IV's, catheters, lines and self-injury
• Can be sanitised
• Adjustable in increments of 20mm
• Cuffs available with locks for added security
• Cuffs attach using connecting straps (sold separately)
• Available in connected cuff sets for the wrist and ankle
• Two universal Posey keys included with locking cuffs
RW 3706
• Type: Ankle 
• Pad Dimensions: 75 x 965mm
• Circumference: 125-305mm

RW 3708
• Type: Wrist 
• Cuff Dimensions: 75 x 965mm
• Strap Length: 125-305mm