Twice-as-Tough® Stretcher Cuffs - Non Locking

SKU: RW-385P

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Posey® Twice-as-Tough® Stretcher Cuffs are used to protect patients assessed as being in extreme danger of harming themselves or others. They are designed to limit the movement of limbs in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, line or tube pulling, exacerbating skin conditions, causing self-injury or compromising wound site integrity. 

• Neoprene Cuffs protect patient’s skin
• Appropriate for use with an E.D. stretcher
• Designed to be left in place so they are ready for use
• Velcro attachment around wrist/ankle and stretcher bar. Ankle cuffs may also be used on larger wrists
• Restraint cuffs available for ankle and wrist
• Machine washable

RW 3854
• Type: Ankle, Non-Locking
• Cuff Dimensions: 60 x 370mm
• Strap Dimensions: 50 x 230mm

RW 3856
• Type: Wrist, Non-Locking
• Cuff Dimensions: 60 x 305mm
• Strap Dimensions: 50 x 230mm