Body Holder Belt

SKU: RB-2205
• Designed for patients at risk of falling or requiring a restraint for medical treatment.
• Soft flannel body holder can be used in a bed or wheelchair.
• Slot may be positioned in the front for limited movement or rear for increased movement for the patient.
• Straps attach to bed frame or wheelchair tilt bars with quick-release ties.
• Machine washable
RB 2201
• Size: Small
• Pad Dimension: 190 x 1050mm
• Strap Length: 1800mm

RB 2202
• Size: Medium
• Pad Dimension: 190 x 1220mm
• Strap Length: 1800mm

RB 2203
• Size: Large
• Pad Dimension: 190 x 1450mm
• Strap Length: 1800mm

RB 2201
• Size: X Large
• Pad Dimension: 190 x 1520mm
• Strap Length: 1800mm