Fortress Disposable General Purpose Sling with Head Support

SKU: LV-635P

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• Designed to be used by one individual and disposed of when patient/resident no longer requires the sling or if it gets soiled
• Disposable slings are based on the design, safety, comfort and application of the Deluxe Universal Sling Pattern.
• Label indicates when the sling is in need of disposal
• Mesh material
• Typical safe use ranges from 1-3 months (dependant on frequency of use)

• SWL 200kgs
• Loop Attachment
• Disposable slings are just that, they are designed for short term use and should be inspected regularly for end user safety.
• All slings are fitted with a warning ‘DO NOT USE’ label which only becomes visible when in contact with liquid as an additional safety measure.
• Can be stored for a maximum of two years before use.