Spex Stylo 260 Head Support

SKU: XR-0002

Ultimate adjustability meets complex head positioning needs with the Stylo 260. Simple adjustments and intuitive design bring simplicity to the most complex cases. The Stylo design utilises twin ball joints catering a range of support needs. It's also designed with two hinged joints that offer infinite up, down and forward, backward adjustments. In addition, the stylo 260 offers incredible reach with length-adjustable links. Available in flip-back option for ease of transfers.

Horizontal forward adjustment: 260mm
Vertical adjustment in mechanism: 160mm
Vertical adjustment in stem: 145mm, 80mm for flip-back
Sideways Adjustment: 250mm
Pitch: 45° of head support pad in all directions within the ball joint. The ball joint is also on a hinge which offers an additional 180° in up and down angle.
Weight of Stylo system: 830 grams