Spex SuperHigh Contour Cushion

SKU: XC-0022

The contour cushion uses Spex strategic positioning base technology to create an optimum pelvic foundation. This encourages further pelvic and hip immersion. Its properties provide hip/leg envelopment and ideal pressure redistribution.

Maximum stability is achieved with the medial thigh and lateral thigh supports. This provides greater balance and support for the upper body.

The SuperHigh cushion features 'stepped' thigh contouring. This is especially great for those who require deep envelopment positioning.

The lower profile contouring to the rear of the cushion, allows for:
• Hip positioning belts
• Posture variances
• In some cases for the back
support to be positioned over the cushion.

The SuperHigh contour cushion's body-hugging nature delivers comfort and daily sitting relief; while the 3D breathable mesh fabric helps to reduce moisture and temperature. The SuperHigh Contour Cushion is available in standard and high.

Standard Contour

High Contour

SuperHigh Contour