Uccello Tipping Kettle - Black

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• Uccello Tipping Kettle was designed using the innovative and unique PowerPour technology which means the user can safely pour boiling water without removing the kettle from its cradle by just tilting the kettle. 
• Its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use for people with arthritis or hand injury.  
• The kettle features a wide spout and large hinged lid to easily fill with water.  
• The water level indicator assists the user to ensure it isn't over filled. 
• The base is non-slip and weighted
• The Kettle has a stainless steel heating element, power-on light and auto shut-off with overheating protection.
• This product is available in Black & White or Red and White.

• Capacity 1.5 litres 
• Input Power 2000 watts
• 50Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
• 220-240 Volts

Kettle Dimensions:
• Height 221 mm
• Weight 234 mm
• Depth 120 mm
• Weight 820 gm
• Capacity 1.5 litre
• Total Weight Including Base 1.5 kg