Whitmyer Specialty PLUSH

SKU: XR-0015
Specialty PLUSH Single Pad Headrest Systems are formerly custom solutions that are now offered as part of the standard product line. These include the Adjust-a-Plush for outstanding lateral support, Dual Mount for extra durability, and 12” narrow pads for low profile support.
19" Dual Mount Plush, 14" Dual Mount Plush, 12" Narrow Plush, Adjust-A-Plush Standard, Adjust-A-Plush Narrow
Lateral Facial Supports:
Unilateral or Bilateral: Spot, Standard, Long, Oval, Large-C, Medium-C, Small-C, FS0-8
Anterior Support Options:
Dynamic Forehead Strap, DFS2, Strap Cap, Static Forehead strap