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Duracare Sling - New Fabric Option - 3D

3 Dimensional Pressure Relieving Fabric

  1. Quickly dries and can be tumbled at low heat without shrinkage
  2. Adapts to the users's body shape
  3. Woven safety instructions label

Systems and Manufacture

  1. Patterns designed on CAD program and nested via material optimization program.
  2. CNC fabric cutter reads patterns and cuts patterns accordingly.
  3. Parts are embroid ered with logos.
  4. Pieces are assembled with a variety of different sewing machines.
  5. Straps are attached with a computer controlled pattern stitching machine to ensure integrity of sling and its weight loading.
  6. Sling is trimmed and quality controlled.
  7. Sling is packaged!

Product Specifications

Duracare 3D Sling

  1. Machine washable up to 95 C
  2. ID colored straps; e.g. red = medium
  3. Spacer fabric
  4. Yellow stitched line on center back
  5. Firmly padded leg sections
  6. Good for users with some upper body control.
  7. Quality woven label
  8. Made in New Zealand