Benefits of sleeping in Zero Gravity

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Your perfect sleep is only a couple of bed adjustments away. . .


Zero gravity – It sounds out of this world right? What if we said you can find it in the comfort of your own home? The feeling of weightlessness seems rather unachievable to us here on Earth. But, with the right bed, it’s not so hard to fathom. It’s what’s known as the zero-gravity bed position.


What exactly is zero gravity?


In the general sense, we know what gravity is; the invisible force that holds everything to the earth. So, the absence of gravity would have us feeling rather weightless. Sounds like a pretty good feeling! The way we can achieve this is by choosing a bed that can replicate this feeling via its positioning. This includes an elevated head, chest and legs.

What are the benefits?


Although gravity has its benefits when helping us nod off to sleep, it does take a toll on our bodies over time. This can include aches and pains, and for people with little to no mobility; pressure wounds.

To find a position that can relieve some of these ailments can increase our quality of life. Here are the befits of the zero-gravity position:


1. Minimizes pain


The zero gravity position puts the spine in a neutral position. This reduces back pain by distributing pressure evenly among individual vertebrae. Our bodies have natural dips and curves. When laying on a flat surface there are areas of our bodies that don't make contact with the bed. This leaves us susceptible to creating more pressure on the muscles that do make contact. Zero gravity can remove the feeling of our own bodyweight. This relieves muscle pain associated with sleeping in a flat, unsupported position.

2. Reduces swelling and oedema


Oedema is swelling in the body caused by the retention of excess fluid. It typically occurs in the feet and ankles. This condition can be a result of many issues, including congestive heart failure, obesity, diabetes, and prolonged periods of being sedentary. Whist in the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated to encourage better blood flow in the body. This helps to reduce swelling and may reduce the risk of further complications.


3. Breathing easier


Lying in a flat position can make breathing more difficult. Especially for those who have pre-existing breathing conditions including sleep apnea and asthma. By raising the chest, the lungs have reduced pressure. This helps to open up the airways and create better breathing habits.


4. Improved heart health


Poor and unaligned sleeping positions can apply more pressure to the heart. The zero gravity position creates a stronger blood flow which relieves pressure from the heart.


5. Improved digestion


Practising good posture eases pressure from the digestive tract. The zero gravity position makes food easier to descend down the oesophagus and into the stomach. This position also helps to reduce heartburn and indigestion.


We have only mentioned the medical benefits of the zero gravity position. There are many lifestyle benefits that make this position a real life changer for so many people. It can help to relax you before sleep and take the struggle away from using pillows to change your position.


So what beds can achieve this position?


We have listed our top three beds that will help you sleep peacefully in zero gravity.


iCare Bed Range


Wibo Bed Range



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