Configura during COVID19

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March 15, 2022 5:38:10 PM PDT March 15, 2022 5:38:10 PM PDTth, March 15, 2022 5:38:10 PM PDT

The Covid-19 crisis has impacted everyone’s lives in a very significant way. As OT's before we can come up with the solutions for our clients of how they can go about their days in an independent and safe way, we must first and foremost have to rethink how we go about our own productive occupation and in a way that will continue to provide a safe and effective service.

Good thing as OT's we are often extremely flexible, adaptable and creative people. The question we are asking today is, how can I prescribe equipment remotely? When it comes to a seating solution - we have it.

The Configura® Comfort, through its adaptable and flexible nature is the perfect chair to prescribe whilst we are working from home or at least working away from our client’s homes.

Why is that? Because once the chair is assessed and adjustments made based on that assessment, it will be delivered within days and further easy adaptations without the need of any tools can be made to suit a person’s needs – right there and then in a matter of minutes. Whilst usually as OTs we would prefer to do this ourselves and make sure we’ve got it 100% right – because of the ease of using the Configura® Comfort we can hand over the reins to loved ones and the client themselves.

All information and assessment you need to make a clinically sound decision can be done over a telehealth session video or phone call. Important information to gather during the interview will be:

  • weight
  • pressure care needs
  • postural needs
  • mobility or transfer method
  • prognosis - current seating
  • issues with current seating
  • space within client’s environment.

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