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VACCINATION – From Monday 10th of January 2022, visitors aged 16 and older who choose to come to our sites will be required to show evidence that they have been fully vaccinated (or are exempt from vaccination by order of the Chief Public Health Officer). 

FACE MASKS – From Monday 10th of January 2022, the wearing of face masks is mandatory in all indoor areas, Masks are not mandatory for under 12s or those with health conditions.

INTERSTATE TRAVEL – If you have recently traveled from interstate, you may have restricted access to our sites as under our COVID Management Plans. Read more on the SA Health website.

BOOKINGS – All visits are required to be pre-booked to ensure social distancing can be maintained, maximum time limit of 45mins per booking.


Frequently asked questions

Why is the vaccine mandate being introduced?

It is Highgate Healthcare’s belief that mandating double COVID vaccinations is the best way of ensuring the safety and welfare of our workforce, volunteers, visitors and contractors as well as business continuity for Highgate Healthcare.

What has changed leading to Highgate Healthcare deciding to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations?

So far, the level of community COVID-19 cases and transmission rates in South Australia have remained very low. However, changes proposed by the SA Government to both national and international borders is expected to change this. Using the risk assessment released by SA Health 15 November 2021, it is clear that in order to minimise risks to our workforce, visitors, and our business, mandatory vaccination is required.

What date do I need to be vaccinated by?

All members and visitors and other entering our sites will need to be double vaccinated by 10th January 2022. You will need to show evidence of your vaccination (available from your MyGov account) on entry from Monday 10th January 2022.

What happens if I cannot be vaccinated because of a medical reason?

If you are exempt from vaccination we will be required to show an official proof of exemption. The onus is on you to obtain one. To do so:

You will need to seek a medical certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner which states that you have a temporary or permanent medical reason for vaccination exemption in accordance with the guidelines published by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)

You will need to complete an SA Health Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Immunisation Exemption Application Form and submit this, along with your medical certificate signed by a legally qualified medical practitioner, to .

What happens if not all members of a visitor’s family/group are vaccinated when they arrive, do they get turned away?

All visitors aged 16 years and over will need to be double vaccinated or provide evidence of a medical exemption to gain entry. It will be the visitor’s choice whether they make other arrangements for non-vaccinated members of their group.

How will you check vaccination records and is there a specific form that I need?

Visitors aged 16 and over will need to present their proof of vaccination to admissions staff or COVID marshal on arrival.

There are several options to receive your ‘proof of COVID vaccination’:

•            Download your COVID digital certificate via the Express Plus Medicare mobile app or your Medicare online account through myGov.

•            You can add your COVID digital certificate to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay

•            Instructions are available on the Services Australia website

•            If you can’t get proof online, your vaccination provider may be able to print your immunisation history statement for you.

•            call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm) and ask for your statement to be sent to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

•            If you’re not eligible for Medicare, call the Australian Immunisation Register and request your certificate be mailed to you or add your COVID certificate to your digital wallet using the Individual Healthcare Identifiers service (IHI service) through myGov.

Will under 16s be asked to show proof of age?

To assist Highgate Healthcare, we will ask to see some proof of age if/when a child looks to be older than 16.

Will visitors still be required to QR code?

Yes, we ask all visitors to use the QR codes as per before.

What defines a "close contact" in South Australia?

In South Australia a ‘close contact’ is defined as:

  1. a household member or intimate partner of a COVID-19 case during their infectious period
  2. someone who has had close personal interaction with a COVID-19 case during their infectious period:
  3. for 15 minutes or more and
  4. where masks are not worn and in close physical proximity and
  5. in an indoor setting
  6. someone who has been notified by SA Health that they are a close contact
  7. someone who has been in a high COVID-19 transmission area.

COVID-19 cases are considered infectious two days before their symptoms started or if they didn’t have any noticeable symptoms, they are considered infectious two days before they had their positive COVID-19 test taken. The infectious period ends 10 days after they had their positive test taken.