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Variable Solutions for One Day Care

Multifunctional Chair

The design of the chair has been primarily adapted to make sure that the patient’s stay is pleasant. Soft padding and the material used for the upholstery are the basic prerequisite.

Pura Day Surgery

Fully equipped chair for day surgery, recovery or diagnostic procedures.

Pura Treatment

Comfortable for dialysis, oncology treatment or blood donation.

Transport is easy

Transporting the patient is safe and is not physically strenuous.

The driving and manoeuvrability features allow for fast and safe patient transport with minimal physical exertion.

Easy and safe transport

The state-of-the-art structure of the undercarriage fitted with wheel with a 150 cm diameter castor and a central brake is the best option for transporting patients in a chair. Along with its well-designed details, such as the transport handle or anti-crash bumpers, it creates excellent conditions for driving in outpatient facilities and hospitals.

Transport handle

The foot section can be equipped with a robust handle that allows ergonomic handling of the chair, especially during transport.

5th castor

A 5th castor on the undercarriage is an optional feature. This ingenious mechanism allows you to manoeuvre the chair in confined spaces, corridors, or in lifts.

Pleasant Stay

The comfort of the patient is ensured during long-term procedures by ergonomic frame and soft padding.

Safe and comfortable care

To maximally facilitate the work of nurses and staff, the Pura chair introduces an innovative infection control concept and a sophisticated set of practical details.

Infection control

The clean column construction line together with the compact surfaces form the basis for easy hygiene.

The design of the chair has been primarily adapted to make sure that the patient’s stay is pleasant. Soft padding and the material used for the upholstery are the basic prerequisite.

Entering and exiting the chair

The low, safe position is comfortable for the patient, both when staying in the chair and when entering or exiting the chair.

Focused on safety

Unique siderails design ensures patients safety while Soft Drop mechanism enables for smooth & easy lowering of siderails and easy access to the patient.

The new siderail concept of the Pura Surgery chair increases the safety level of professional outpatient care and provides patients with increased protection and comfort. The applied LINET technologies support ergonomics and greatly facilitate the work of nurses.

Soft Drop technology

The siderails are equipped with Soft Drop technology for optimising and softening the movement. The smooth and quiet lowering of the siderails is comfortable, not only for the staff, but it also makes the patient’s stay in the chair more pleasant.

Trendelenburg position

The anti-shock position, or the so-called Trendelenburg position, is used for short-term collapse and is one of the pre-set functions on the Pura chair.

Mechanical CPR

A quick mechanism allows for the simple adjustment of optimal CPR conditions. The chair platform flattens to provide sturdy support for heart massage.

Recover and go

The low, safe position is comfortable when staying in or when entering or exiting the chair.

Variability in positioning

The quick and easy electric control adjusts the height of the chair for ergonomic work with the patient.

The variable range of positions of the back and leg section allows the Pura chair to be used in a wide variety of ways, from therapeutic procedures in the horizontal position to individualised adjustment and easy adjustments during long stays in the chair for treatment procedures.

Fowler's position

The Pura chair allows you to use the so-called Fowler’s position to optimally place the patient in a semi-recumbent position to relieve pain and support breathing.

Portable handset

The user-friendly and ergonomic handset includes a pre-set TR, flat and welcome position. Also a safety lock of the functions, GO button and other intuitive features for the easy and quick adjustment of the chair.